Same chassis as 10.1 printer but shipped with 8.9 2K LCD screen.  Potentially upgradable to 10.1 inch screen.

This is not suitable for your first resin printer.  Due to higher parts cost and resins used, it is best to avoid experimental printing with this printer.  It is best to print with what is known and good settings/resins.

5 times volume than our 5.5 inch printer!  250mm Height

  • 3.5-inch Color TFT Touch Screen.
  • 2K (8.9 inch) LCD masking screen. 2560*1600 (2k) HD masking LCD gives fine printing details.
  • Specially designed light source allows even distribution light edge to edge.
  • Anti-Aliasing supported.
  • Wide selection of resins. Support 405nm wave length 3D printing resins
  • 192mm (L) *120mm (W) *250mm (H) build volume

- XY Resolution: 75 µm
- Z Resolution: 10 µm

EPAX prefers eSUN resins and other resins offered on our website, as we have tested them a lot.  But the printer is open to public resins. 

Backed by our outstanding customer support. 
Guaranteed Satisfaction.


Packing size/Weight:   Gross weight 23KG

Warning:  This printer weights at 23KG gross.  It is recommended to install/move by 2 people.



1 year warranty for the printer, except the LCD masking screen, film, filter and resin.  3 months warranty for LCD masking screen


International retail orders.  Warranty is not possible internationally.  We test all units carefully before shipping out.  Buyer is responsible for all custom clearance things such as tariff/vat/tax.   You may return during the first 30 days but you will need to be responsible for all shipping costs, including the cost we ship to you.