EPAX X1 UV LCD Resin 3D Printer

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  • 3.5-inch Color TFT Touch Screen.
  • 2K (5.5 inch) LCD masking screen. 2560*1440 (2k) HD masking LCD gives very fine printing details.  XY Resolution reaches 0.047mm
  • Improved Z axis stability and much stabler than other similar LCD printers on market.  
  • Wide selection of resins.  Support any 405nm wave length 3D printing resins and works perfectly fine with eSUN's high end resins, including PLA based resin!
  • Slicer software is ChiTu, which is used/rebranded by many other LCD printers including AnyCubic.
  • Included one bottle of 500ml eSUN's hot selling general purpose LCD resin - $50 value.

EARLY BIRD PRICE (Limited to 6 units):  $449 with free shipping

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epax LCD printer spec

This printer is an improved version as compared to other printers such as AnyCubic Photon.  In addition to improvements, we offer much more specially developed resin varieties for this printer, including even PLA based resin.

IMPROVEMENTS over printers such as AnyCubic Photon:

* Improved Z axis nuts and axis rail, making Z axis much more reliable and stable.  Thus the print surface can be more smooth.

* Vat is designed better, making it easier to replace film.

* Light source cooling system is much better, making the device have less heat generated and thus can make the LCD masking screen last longer.

* None FEP material based film, making it better for print to come off.

Printer has 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.  Client is responsible for shipping to us for service if needed.  Consumable parts such as LCD screen, vat and resin are not included in warranty.