EPAX X1 UV LCD Resin 3D Printer Orange Window with Ethernet

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X1 now has new ChiTu mainboard equipped (Model X1-N), which uses much more efficient CTB format and has grayscale AA.  It also uses SX04 LCD screen interface.   Since day one, all our 5.5 LCD screens have both SX04(internal default) and SX03 interfaces.   The SX04 to SX03 converter is covered/hidden by black tape.  So all screens are compatible.  The new X1 model is named as X1-N.  To use the screen on X1-N, you will need to carefully remove the black tape on screen's cable to expose SX04 interface.

 * Resin NOT included, must be purchased separately.


    • 3.5-inch Color TFT Touchscreen.
    • 2K (5.5 inch) LCD masking screen. 2560*1440 (2k) HD masking LCD capable of capturing very fine detail.
    • Improved Z axis stability.
    • 40W High Energy 50 LED light source.
    • Pre-installed non-FEP film (Imported from Japan) to allow easier detachment. FEP film can be used as well but the specially formulated nFEP is superior.
    • Sanded build platform surface made with premium soft aluminum for better adhesion than cheaper, hard aluminum.
    • Anti-Aliasing supported and enabled in installed firmware.
    • Wide selection of resin options; can use any 405nm wavelength 3D printing resin.
    • 115mm (L) *65mm (W) *155mm (H) build volume
    • XY resolution reaches 0.047mm;  Minimal Z layer height is 0.01mm


Each printer purchase includes:

  • 1x spare Non-FEP film, 0.125mm thick 
  • 1x USB stick loaded with manual PDF file, a sample print file and a ChiTuBox config file
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x plastic scraper tool
  • 1x metal scraper tool
  • 1x allen wrench
  • 2x resin filters


- No Z-Wobble - The EPAX X1 has an upgraded Z-axis carriage rail. It uses a double steel rod reinforced carriage and steel bearings. No calibration is required. It runs perfectly out of the box.
- Non-FEP Film for Resin Vat - Reduces print adhesion between print and film. Better air permeability than FEP films. Our high-quality non-FEP film can be used on LCD, DLP and SLA printers!  Standard FEP film is compatible with our printers as well.
- Better Light Source - EPAX uses 50W rated 5x10 LED array light source and can last longer than others. Unlike others which use weak 25W light source.  We tuned it down to 40W to extend the lifespan of the LCD masking screen.
- Ultra-Precise Fixed Build Platform - The EPAX X1 uses a 4-point mount that is rock solid and will be leveled out of the box. It will rarely require a re-level.
- Better Chassis Design - The EPAX is built like a tank using an all-steel chassis with minimal windows. Windows on a UV resin printer are NOT helpful and allow outside UV light sources to potentially penetrate the build chamber and affect your prints.
- Precise Z-Homing - Perfectly calibrated out-of-box. All printers are individually calibrated at factory.
- Better Door Hinge Design - EPAX can sit against a wall because its door is hinged on top of the machine. 
- Various Resin Options: eSUN resins are supported and tested heavily with our printers. eSUN is committed to being the most advanced and prolific resin manufacturer today. Resins available now include: Standard, Hard and Tough Resin, PLA Bio-Resin, Castable Resin for Dental and Castable Resin for Jewelry. Any 405nm wavelength UV resin can be used with our printers.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - When we say great customer service we mean it. Responses to your e-mail inquiries should be sent within hours. Customer satisfaction is our No. 1 priority.