Generic 3DWOX Refill Filament PLA 1.75mm - Cool White, Natural, Silver, Fire Engine Red, Peak Green, Light Blue and Orange

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Product description


It is meant for 3DWOX users who would like to try different colors.  They are tested and compatible.  They are exactly same material as original refills except different colors.  NO CHIP provided. 

You may use your existing chip and swap your refill with these new colors.


Diameter: 1.75mm

Material:  PLA+, except Natural color which is PLA

Weight: 700g filament

Spool: same size as original.

Compatible with Sindoh 3DWOX printers.

All these are additional colors not offered in standard Sindoh refills:

Natural (this is PLA natural color which is somewhat semi-transparent)

Cool White (PLA+. Standard refill is warm white. This is cool white)

Silver (PLA+)

Fire Engine Red (PLA+) 

Light Blue (PLA+)

Peak Green (PLA+)

Orange (PLA+)

Warning:  You may not use these generic filaments in your in warranty DP200/201.  Doing so could void your warranty.  You can use them on 3DWOX 1 and 2X no problem.

To refill, simply replace the spool and keep your existing chip inside the cartridge (the spool can be replaced with any color or material of your choice). 


Note that your chip may not allow you to continue to print after it says empty.  In that case, you may have to use this refill as an open filament since Sindoh 3DWOX 1 and 2x support open filament anyway.

We may have the option of having a new chip with these refills in near future.

If this is welcomed and there is a bit volume, we may expand this to ABS+ and other exotic filaments, such as wood, and our glass PLAs.  We can make any colors if there is enough demand.